Monday, March 23, 2009

KnowMore Hiatus

The KnowMore lectures have begun their four month hiatus.

They will return in August with a new venue and maybe a haircut (unlikely).

Thanks to everyone who attended and shared their feedback.

The next step for the KnowMore lectures is total transparency. I'll be keeping the fun, informal, unpretentious style and adding a discreet layer of quotes from primary sources and recommended readings. In my early days as a teacher it was all about how flashy and funny I was. Now, as I move into phase II, I'm trying to focus on effectiveness. Help people retain information, pursue their interests, and introduce ideas that may inspire them.

In the future, I'll be revisiting lectures, perhaps even breaking up the more ambitious ones into a miniseries.


M said...

Awesome. I really enjoyed those last two lectures...those were the only ones I've actually been to...but good stuff!

Ham said...

Hello, when will you be starting up these lecture series again? Im looking forward to attending them. Thanks!