Friday, February 6, 2009


This is the tale of the war that cast a shadow over human civilization. A time when all of our greatest achievements were unleashed as nightmares. From poison gas to atomic bombs. From scientific racism to civilian bombings. From the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand to the suicide of Adolf Hitler. World War I and World War II are directly connected. Hundreds of years from now it will most likely be remembered as a single narrative of war.

This is a story about glory, empire, invention, and human suffering. It will see Emperors fall, revolutionary visionaries rise, and the unnatural deaths of over 100 million people.

Churchill, Wilson, Truman, Bismarck, Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt, Mao, Hirohito are all leaders who brought bold answers to the daunting questions of their time.

What started it? What happened? And will awareness prevent it from happening again?

(pictured: the firebombing of Dresden)


Thursday, February 19th.
$5 Unit 102 (46 Noble Street)

I thank you heartily for your mediation which begins to give one hope that all may yet end peacefully. It is technically impossible to stop our military preparation... We are far from wishing war... I put all my trust in Gods mercy and hope in your successful mediation in Vienna for the welfare of our countries and for the peace of Europe.

Your affectionate

(excerpt from the Willy-Nicky telegrams July 31st, 1914)

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