Saturday, November 15, 2008


Read what real people are saying about the KnowMore lecture series:

"Peter brought Frederich Nietzsche back from the dead in an entertaining and educational fashion." -FB

"Remember your favorite teacher and how you'd hang off of their every word no matter what they were saying? Peter Stevens could kick their ass, and he's a way better speaker. And funnier. " -MS

"it has not been since Gilgamesh that a soul quite like this has emerged to protect the minds of his people against straying from the true path of knowledge..." -MVD

"Remember the song lyric 'killing me softly with your words', well that's how I used to think of lectures, but now that I've heard Peter Stevens it's more like 'I saw the sign'. Just not performed from a crap band like Ace of Base, more like from a wicked band like The Cardigans." -SW

"Imagine your older brother, but much smarter and with 50% fewer noogies." -LR

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